Thanks for your interest in art, music, and creativity. Please use this application to request a musical instrument, art supplies, art or music lessons, or other creative supplies. You may apply as a student, or on behalf of a student as a parent, guardian, teacher, administrator, or friend. Our maximum award amount for musical instruments and/or art supplies is $500/year. As a general rule, we do not fund the purchase of personal computers. We reserve the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

After you apply, please check your email or text for follow-up questions. This may take several days. If you need help with this application or have questions, please contact us at

IMPORTANT: AFTER you receive your instrument, art supplies, or creative materials, please have your parent text or email a photo of yourself (if you are under the age of 18) holding the instrument or art supplies to 207-251-9196 or By sending us your student's photo, you agree to allow its use for publicity purposes only.

How can we help you? Please check each box that applies to your interests and needs, and then provide specific information for each.

I am interested in a specific instrument or artistic material.
I am interested in taking art, music, dance, or theater classes. This might include taking lessons or attending a workshop or camp experience.

Please email a photo or video of you holding your instrument, creating something with your art supplies, or a photo of you taking lessons to This is important and will allow us to help other students.