Thanks for your interest in applying for a musical instrument, art supplies, and creative instruction. CAC assists K-12 student artists and musicians in Maine and New Hampshire ONLY. You can apply as a student or on behalf of a student as a parent, teacher, or school administrator. We review these applications every week and it may take 5-7 business days to hear back from us. If you live within 15 miles of North Berwick, ME, we will schedule a time for you to pick up your gear here at our headquarters. If you live beyond 15 miles, we will schedule your delivery on a Saturday (if possible). Please read the information below before applying.

  • Eligibility: CAC only serves students actively enrolled in a K-12 school in Maine and New Hampshire, and these students must be between the ages of 5-19.

  • Information: Please provide your first AND last name. Check at least one of the boxes on the lower right-hand side (Materials, Lessons).

  • Verification: Please provide the name of a school teacher or administrator (principal, vice principal, dean, or guidance counselor) with whom we can follow up to verify your enrollment. We will follow up with this contact to verify your enrollment. If you or your child is homeschooled, we will still need the name of a school contact. Inactive K-12 students are ineligible for assistance.

  • Limits on Funding: As a general rule, CAC limits students who apply for materials (instruments, art supplies, cameras, other creative gear) to $500 per calendar year. Currently, our funding is limited to $300 per student. Funding is limited to $1000 per family for materials per calendar year.

  • Funding for K-2 is limited to art supplies.

  • Your student must be at least seven years old to apply for an instrument and/or music and art lessons.

  • Restricted Items: We do not fund the purchase of computers. We also do not fund dance, gymnastics, or culinary arts.

  • Approval Process: CAC reserves the right to approve or deny any application.

  • By submitting this application, you agree to all the above statements.

  • After you apply, please check your email or text for follow-up questions. This may take several days.

  • IMPORTANT: If approved, after you receive your instrument, art supplies, or creative materials, please text or email a photo of the student holding the instrument or art supplies (or something the student created with the art supplies) to 207-251-9196 or By sending us your or your student's photo, you agree to allow it to be used only for publicity. These photos help us raise awareness and funds for our service programs.

How can we help you? Please check each box that applies to your interests and needs, and then provide specific information for each.

I am interested in a specific instrument or artistic material.
I am interested in taking art, music, dance, or theater classes. This might include taking lessons or attending a workshop or camp experience.

Please email a photo or video of you holding your instrument, creating something with your art supplies, or a photo of you taking lessons to This is important and will allow us to help other students.