CAC 2016 End of Year Donation Drive

Posted by Martin England on December 19, 2016
If you are considering making an end-of-year, tax-deductible charitable contribution, please consider giving to Continuum Arts Collective, a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to foster growth in support-challenged, high school-aged artists and musician in York County, Maine by helping them acquire materials, mentors, and methodologies. The students we serve often live at or below the poverty level and are rurally-isolated. In spite of this, all are extremely creative individuals who pour their hearts and minds into their music and art. Thanks for your consideration. We appreciate any and all contributions.

Autumn 2016 News

Posted by Martin England on October 24, 2016
It's been a whirlwind of activity here at Continuum Arts HQ. Here are a few highlights:

  •  On Saturday, September 24, singer/songwriter Tristan Omand performed at the North Buick Lounge at part of our monthly live music series. These events are aimed at educating the community on our services while also acting as a venue for various performing artists. Singer/songwriter Kogan Serrano opened the night. 20% of all ticket sales went towards supporting our mission. 

  • On Saturday, October 1, Continuum Arts Collective hosted an Artist Spotlight at Apple Harvest Day in Dover, NH. Three of our supported-artists participated (Sophia, Jordan, and Dee Dee), and - despite the rain and cool temperatures - all put on incredibly memorable performances. We could not possibly be prouder! Thanks to all who came out and supported our youngsters!

  •  CAC recently received this beautiful 1970's vintage Alvarez acoustic guitar from North Berwick resident Heather Lafrance. In turn, we placed it in the capable hands of a young singer/songwriter named Jordan from Noble High School. Heather, thanks for your generosity and for supporting our artists. 

  •  On Saturday, October 15, Continuum Arts hosted our First Annual Donors' Appreciation Night/OktoberFest at the North Buick Lounge. Anyone who had donated artist materials and/or instruments in 2016 or donated over $100 in financial contributions gained free admission. Three bands performed: Max Garcia Conover, GoldenOak, and Rabbit in the Rye (pictured here during the unplugged portion of their set, where they wandered into the crowd, much to the delight of the North Buick Lounge faithful).  

  •  January 27-29, 2017, Continuum Arts will host a 50 Hour Party/CAC Fundraiser. CAC President Martin England turns 50 on January 29, and as such, we will be celebrating the affair by fundraising for our mission. Stay tuned for details and ticket information!

CAC Installs Recording Station at Noble High

Posted by Martin England on September 14, 2016

Continuum Arts Collective recently installed a recording station at Noble High School in North Berwick, ME for use by student musicians.  The station includes an iMac with Garageband, USB microphone, studio headphones, a keyboard, acoustic guitar, and percussion instruments. We'll be adding more to this station as fall progresses. Thanks to all who donated instruments and contributed to our monetary fund, which allowed us to purchase these items. Your support is well appreciated.

Continuum Arts August Open House

Posted by Martin England on August 27, 2016
Singer/songwriter Sophia LaPierre
On Friday, August 19, CAC held its third warm weather open house at our headquarters at the North Buick Lounge. It was a great evening that featured the public musical debut of Sophia LaPierre (pictured above), an art show by Kai Gehring, and a poetry reading/acapella song session by Diedre Tiernan. The open house also featured Calypso music by Island Time Steel Drums (thanks Barb and Scott for your contribution!) 

Sophia led off the night with an amazing performance of both original and cover songs (she plays guitar and ukulele), much to the delight of the near-capacity crowd. CAC presented Sophia with a $50 gift card to Tune Town (Wells, ME).

Poet/songstress Diedre Tiernan
Deidre took the stage next and delivered several heartfelt, emotionally-charged poems and an amazing acapella rendition of Picture (Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock). After her performance, CAC board member Jennica Osborne presented Deidre with a violin (she is a girl of many talents!)

CAC-supported artists Kai Gehring read two poems of her own, and also had over 50 pieces of her artwork on display in the soon-to-be Continuum Arts Houseman Gallery, located on the second-floor mezzanine.

CAC presented Kai with a new Dell laptop to help with her pursuit of art, music, and photography.

Good friends and CAC supporters Derek and Susan Ahl donated a weekend getaway to their camp in Harrison, ME for the evening's raffle, which was drawn at Millfield Festival the following day. Congrats to Mike and Nani Morrison on winning the raffle!

Artwork by Kai Gehring
Thanks to all who came out and supported this event. We would not be able to fund our programs without your generous contributions.

The next CAC fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, September 24. This event will feature singer/songwriter Tristan Omand, The River Sisters, and Kogen Serrano.

Tickets are on-sale now.

DuPont Brothers Concert Wildly Successful!

Posted by Martin England on August 2, 2016
On Saturday, July 30, the DuPont Brothers (Burlington, VT) performed at the North Buick Lounge to a packed house. 20% of all ticket sales went towards supporting our mission of helping support-challenged, high school artists in York County, Maine. CAC raised over $400 in both tickets and donations, and we also received more instrument donations from our good friends. Thanks to all who attended!

June CAC Happy Hour Another Rousing Success!

Posted by Martin England on June 18, 2016
So THIS happened last night at the North Buick Lounge, along with so much kindness and generosity at the Continuum Arts Collective's monthly Happy Hour. We raised OVER $500 (forgot to count the money in the donation tank!), along with many new art supply and instrument donations. We are so amazingly lucky to know you all, and we hope those of you who haven't joined us yet will in the coming months. So much kindness, love, and generosity. Thanks to Maine State Speaker of the House Mark Eves for his kind words and introduction. Thanks to my band mates from The Reconstructed for supplying your time and talents. Thanks to Carla Russell and crew for filming the event. And thanks to all of you for being you.

BaconFest 2016 Photos

Posted by Martin England on June 16, 2016
Photos from BaconFest 2016 by Nate Hastings Photography.

CAC Purchases Laptop for Armed Services Enlistee

Posted by Martin England on June 9, 2016
This young man -  Dakota - recently enlisted in the armed services. He also happens to be an amazing, thoughtful writer. As such, Continuum Arts Collective recently purchased Dakota a Dell laptop so he can journal and write about his experiences overseas. Thanks for your impending service, Dakota. And thanks to all who attended BaconFest and/or contributed to our cause, allowing us to say 'yes' to another aspiring young artist in Maine. ‪#‎artheals‬

BaconFest 2016 a Huge Success

Posted by Martin England on May 31, 2016
 BaconFest. The very name gets people excited. When my wife Jenny and I were searching for a means to raise money so our friends could have live music at the North Berwick Farmers' Market, we were initially stumped. We've got a two-story barn that's attached to our house, and over the years, we've turned this space - affectionately known as the North Buick Lounge - into a venue which helps support our community in various ways. But it started out with trying to come up with a creative event that would attract people to the North Buick Lounge to raise money for the farmers' market music series. After mulling over a few ideas (most were terrible), I bought the Boston Sunday Globe one morning, and happened to open it to the Food section. "Boston BaconFest." BOOM. The idea instantly evoked visions of music, food, fun, and (yes!) fundraising. Who wouldn't want to attend BaconFest?!

BaconFest 2016 (our fifth) was our best yet. Along with having lots of help in the form of our hard-working board members, who (among other things) acquired some serious raffle prizes, we also had a lineup of bands that will resonate through my mind for the ages. 14, to be exact. Starting with Seth Gooby at 1:30 and ending with People Skills at 9:00 PM, the day included so many of the area's most influential and thriving musical acts. Soggy Po Boys, Kate Redgate, Broken Amps, Watts, Kid Coyote, The Reconstructed (yours truly), Young Frontier, The Woo Girls and the aforementioned People Skills and Seth Gooby. We also hosted with up-and-comers Buddy Hutchins and Kogen Serrano, who brought down the roof with his renditions of classic Dylan and Springsteen songs (he's only 16) and a new band called Steamwhistle, who rocked hard. Josh Allen and Brian Dechant provided sound. We cannot thank you all enough for your time and talents. We know it's valuable, and we are so grateful for it.

In terms of food, our bacon bar featured 100 pounds of bacon with all the fixings. We also host a Bac-Off, where contestants enter their favorite bacon-inclusive recipes for a chance at winning the must-reveled Top Hawg trophy, judged by Phil Hughes, owner and operator of the Black Bean Cafe in Rollinsford, NH. New this year was a Bacon Haiku Contest, judged by Portsmouth Beat Night Poet Mike Nelson.  People delivered on all levels.

The day itself was toasty, which has seemingly become a running theme at BaconFest. Outside of the first event, which we hosted in 2012 (it rained all day), the average temperature on the day of BaconFest is around 89 degrees with thick humidity. This year was no different. It was H-O-T.

Thankfully we had lots of offerings to cool the masses, including over 12 gallons of infused spirits, beer donated by both 7th Settlement Brewery and Smuttynose, and ice cream donated by HP Hood from Portland, ME. We'd also like to thank When Pigs Fly Bakery, Shipyard Waste Solutions, Sunny's Cafe, New Hampshire Coffee Roasters, Beachmere Resort and Inn, Angel of the Berwicks, Cafe Amore, Finest Kind Cruises, Northern Union Restaurant, Ogunquit Playhouse, Lisa Marchi, Hannaford, Market Basket, Janet Fader, Chuck and Allison Colwell, Jessica Todd Salon, Maine Meat, Daryl-Ann Hurst, and Dan Blakeslee for their contributions to both food and raffle items.

All of this led to raising a gross total of $6400 (before expenses) to assist with our mission of fostering growth in support-challenged, high-school aged artists here in York County, Maine. We cannot thank everyone who attended BaconFest 2016 and supported our artists enough. A full list of thanks lives on our Facebook page. If you're planning ahead, BaconFest 2017 will be on Saturday, May 27.

Thoughts on Songwriting

Posted by Martin England on May 17, 2016

This morning's listening party is a collection of unrecorded songs I have sitting on an external hard drive on my desk here at work. So many songs I'd forgotten about. Some have tiny threads in them that made their way into other songs that I have recorded.

Makes you wonder why we choose to pursue some songs and ideas while we let others go back into the places they were hatched. I realize many times these songs take on new faces, and that's the beauty of art. Songs and ideas seem to present themselves not when they're complete, but when we have the attention span to fully embrace them.